Virtual Recruiter

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

AP Recruitment Process Outsourcing group (AP-RPO) hires, trains and assigns recruiters to work with clients across the globe. All of our recruiters are proficient in both written and verbal english skills. Our recruiters become subject-matter-experts with recruiting candidates in Information Technology, Engineering, Construction, Administrative & Clerical, Accounting & Finance and Light Industrial fields. Our well trained recruiters know how to navigate the recruiting environment, stay current with the latest recruiting technology and have the resources to find the best available candidates for your open positions. AP-RPO can scale recruiting capacity to meet your hiring demands. We bring people, technology, process, and metrics into your talent acquisition function. We can become the supplemental recruiters to your existing recruiting organization or for small businesses, you can outsource your recruiting function to AP-RPO.

We understand you may be constrained by your budget and our overseas based recruiters may be the best options for you to cost effectively meet your company’s recruiting needs.  A brief understanding of how we train our recruiters in the full recruitment life cycle will help you understand the hard-hitting question – “Why us?”

Our recruiters are trained to find candidates for assignments that meet all the requirements for the job and fit the client’s culture. As an extension of your organization, our recruiters understands and  follow all national, state and local laws and regulations guide and we do not permit any discriminatory practices. Our goal is to provide recruiters to the our clients within 24 hours. We have established best practice processes that we expect our recruiters to follow with flexibility to adjust to fit into the process of our clients. 

We employ trained recruiters who are sourcing specialists and they concentrate on reaching out to and locating active candidates. Once a solicitation or requisition is received, a recruiter will compose a list of active candidates based upon the stipulations set forth in the request coming from the client. We have access to the standard resume databases in addition to our partnership with the various local sources and diversified network of candidates.

  • We create a job profile worksheet for each candidate that shows the match to the job requirements. This information will determine if the candidate is well qualified and well-suited to the work environment. After reviewing the candidate information, the recruiter will conduct screening interviews. 
  • Contact applicants by phone, Skype, email, or fax within 24 hours. 
  • Use  pre-screening tool to ensure that applicants meets all hiring requirements. 
  • Educate the applicant of the benefits of working for the client. 
  • Use “Preparing for Your Interview” checklist as a guide to explain the selection process. 
  • Ask the applicant to complete the application packet. 
  • Schedule the applicant for a second interview and competency testing if appropriate. 
  • Interviews will be conducted, either on the telephone, Skype or at a location convenient to the candidate when requested by the client. 

 Our recruiters also have an extensive database of technical questions for each of the positions. The recruiter and the account manager create the list of technical questions for each position. Candidates are screened with the technical questions before submissions. The account manager may also conduct an additional technical interview for jobs requiring an uncommon or unique technical skillset. 

Our clients sets the schedule and the priority for the assigned recruiters. Our account manager are there to assist as needed to ensure perfect execution and client satisfaction. As a part of the client’s team, our recruiters can manage the entire recruiting process to include consulting with management. We report to the hiring manager upon receiving the results of the criminal background check, work eligibility check, credential check, references, drug screening, health forms and government approval. 

This is how we earn business from our happy clients. Below given are the RPO services that we are offering you.

Help us Help you! 

On Demand Staffing - Includes candidate calling

You can avail the services of a full time Virtual Recruiter or a team of Virtual Recruiters working as a part of your HR team for a contracted period of time. Our fees are either for - Recruiter with access to your databases - Recruiter with access to our databases (Our recruiters will have access to Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and our internal database).The fee without access to our job boards is $1500 and with access to our job boards is $1800. Our process is flexible to accommodate your needs. The recruiters will be supervised by our team to ensure that they are meeting your expectations of them. These recruiters will be contacting candidates on behalf of the client. You will be managing them on a day to day basis.

On Demand Sourcing - No Candidate Screening

Depending on your need, you can hire one full time Virtual Sourcer or a team of Sourcers who will source potential candidates for your in house recruiter. They are well trained to discover relevant talent in IT, Engineering, Construction, Administrative & Clerical, Accounting & Finance, Customer Service and Light Industrial sectors. Our Sourcers will have access to Monster, CareerBuilder, Dice and our internal database to help source candidates for your positions. We will monitor the sourced resumes to meet your expectations and needs. A Virtual Sourcer with access to our resources will cost you $1000 per month.