What we do differentLY?


Government & Private Sector Contract Staffing

Our core focus as a staffing services firm is to work as a strategic partner to the various levels of government as well as private sector clients. A vast share of our business is with state and local governments. We deliver focused capabilities in contracts, security, compliance, program management and finance compliance to ensure all government and private client contracts are managed effectively and efficiently from start to finish.

Our team has experience in:

● Effectively onboarding temporary staff on an as needed basis.
● Placing qualified and competent temporary staff to complete the necessary work with consistent screening process.
● Sourcing, testing, placing and managing temporary full-time, part-time and seasonal workers.


Tailor - MADE

Our clients have different needs during the span of time. One size doesn’t fit all and that’s why we have a tailored approach for every one of our clients. We have dedicated teams assigned to each one of them. They are hard working, smart and efficient individuals who gets the work done.

Quality over quantity

Over the decade we have managed to build a network of skilled candidates and they love us. Our employees goes through a thorough screening process. 


We work in a paperless environment. Falling behind this idea made us tech savvy and embrace innovative ways to do things.

We love technology

Client Portal

✔ Submit vacancies & request call-back ✔ Review candidates & CVs ✔ Accept/reject candidates ✔ Arrange interviews ✔ Rate candidates & add comments ✔ Message recruiters ✔ Access employee documentation: new hire forms, resumes, compliance docs, references and certifications

Job Portal

✔ Job alert subscription ​ ✔ Easy social sharing

Online Time Sheets

✔ Digital timesheet entry: day-based / hour-based ✔ Flexible Pay Intervals: Hourly / Daily / Weekly / Monthly ✔ Timesheet approval (web | email) ✔ Multi-approvers ✔ Timesheet reminders ✔ Leave & Absence management (including PTO) ✔ Expense management ✔ Automated timesheet generation (in PDF) ✔ Export timesheets to CSV ✔ TimeTemp Mobile (for workers) Review & submit timesheets Apply for leave Available on iOS & Android

Candidate Portal

✔ Self-guided registration ✔ See all applications and job statuses ✔ Subscribe to Job alerts

FEEL like working with us?

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